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Hey, here is a photo of Opie in the back yard, I love this dog, he has slept through the night every night since we brought him home. We took him to the stream today with another lab, and he went right in the water and played very well with the other dog. I can't thank you guys enough for the great friend you have given me.... I'll send more photos along the way and get up to see you guys in the near future.....thanks again.

Hi, just a few photos of Opie I took today.......can't believe how good this dog listens to me already. He sits, comes to me, walks on a leash, and is fairly house broken already.....

Check this guy out....I cant keep him out of the blind he loves it in there.

Hello, just a quick photo of opie and his double limit of mallards which he had no part in but likes to claim for himself anyway...... ha ha........these were from this morning in Grove City at an undisclosed location (not dick cheneys hideaway but the other undisclosed location...)

Here's Sir Opie now with a buffle head he had no part in hunting but has no problem taking the credit for......He was home with the women folk while I was out trying to snag this duck with a branch while trying not to get wet......boy I wish I had a retriever.....Ha Ha....

- TOM MCELHANEY/ and Opie -

Pictures of Opie, a chocolate lab. Pictures of Opie, a chocolate lab. Pictures of Opie, a chocolate lab.
Pictures of Gus, a chocolate lab.

Gus is great no one can believe how calm he is for a lab every body tries to take him home with them. He's great.

Jet is doing wonderful!!! He is such a well natured dog. We get compliments on him everywhere we go. He is very calm and has great response to his sit and come commands. We have him trained with words and by whistle. Housetraining was the easiest of any dog I have ever owned. We are amazed at how smart he is. I will have to take some new pictures and send them over to you. He is so beautiful. His hair is very different -- everyone comments on it. It is curly on his back. I don't know if I can get a picture to show it with him being so dark. It is unusual but everyone thinks it is cool. It reminds me of a ridgeback. Have any of the other owners from that litter commented about their hair. We have lots of people love it and say they have never seen a lab with a coat like his. . It has been very popular!! He is gowing in leaps and bounds. After I read your email, I took him downstairs to put him on the scale. He is 39 pounds. If he ever grows into his paws, I am going to be in big trouble!!! My biggest obstacle has been his love to chew. He loves to destroy A LOT!!! We are working hard on that bad habit and have invested in tons of toys, chewies and marrow bones. Overall we are having so much fun with him. He loves to play fetch and when it is time to settle down, we tell him "kennel" and he goes and lays down in his kennel. He just seems so smart for a 16 week old puppy. Do you still have the other male from that litter or any other puppies on the way??? We have had many people love Jet's temperment so much and ask about the breeder. We have directed them to your website, but if you have another litter coming up, we would be glad to publicize for you. Cody thought he saw on your website or one of the duck hunting forums that you would be breeding one of your females soon. It is so nice of you to check in on us all. The next time we are heading in your direction I will have to give you a call and see if we can bring him by for a visit. I wish your family well -- Talk with you soon.

Heather Salmon

Pictures of Red, a yellow lab.
Pictures of Jet, a black lab.

We are going to call her Ginger with a registered name of Ginger Snap. We just hooked up a new computer and were down for several days and I had not checked our E-mail. Once I have my digiital software down loaded I will sent you some pictures. She is doing great. She is eating well and only barked two nights when we crated her at our bed time. House breaking is going well and her only issue is she piddles on the floor with no warning. She just need a little time and this will come also. She appears to be a very bright puppy with a good strong will. She does not seem to be afraid or shy of anything she has come across. She loves our Golden, Katy, and Katy is taking to her very well. She is a very loving puppy and Ethan is doing great with puppy training. She will now sit with a hand signal and an occasional additional voice command. We are extremely pleased with all aspects of Ginger and she is already an important part of our family. I was glad to see that you were able to help my friend George Ditzenberger and his wife out with a new puppy. George did tell me that the yellow female was still there and a big girl. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and we will try to stay in touch. Feel free to give us a call and stop by and see us and Ginger if you folks are near Fredonia. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Scott and the Patterson Family

Pictures of Ginger, a yellow lab.